Research papers

My PhD research at SOAS was on the Dzogchen Mind Series texts known as the "Thirteen Later Translations", in Tibetan phyi 'gyur bcu gsum. These are traditionally held to have been translated in the eighth century C.E. by Vimalamitra and others. Over time, despite retaining an iconic status, the texts themselves became less read, and considerable confusion and uncertainty crept in over which texts the group comprised.

On the history and identification of two of the Thirteen Later Translation of the Dzogchen Mind Series.
My 2009 Revue d'Etudes Tibétaines paper proposed new identifications of two of the texts whose titles are included in most of the extant lists, but whose locations were previously undetermined, Accomplishing the aim of meditation (sGom pa don grub) and The Wish-fulfilling Jewel (Yid bzhin nor bu).

On the Thig le drug pa and the sPyi chings, two of the Thirteen Later Translations of the rDzogs chen Mind Series.
As my PhD research drew to its conclusion, I published a 2012 article in a special Mind Series edition of the Revue d'Etudes Tibétaines, In this paper I set out the case for identifying two more of the Thirteen Later Translations, The Six Spheres (thig le drug pa) and Universal Inclusiveness (spyi chings).